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British Curriculum KS3 Science Tuition in The UAE,


🇬🇧 British Curriculum KS3 Science Tuition in The UAE

The Key Stage 3 science curriculum builds upon the foundation laid in Key Stage 1 and 2, and it continues to develop students’ understanding of fundamental scientific principles. During Key Stage 3, students cover biology, chemistry, and physics while fostering critical thinking and investigative skills.

Scientific Enquiry

Students further refine their investigative skills, focusing on formulating hypotheses, designing controlled experiments, and analysing and interpreting data.


Key biological topics include cell structure and function, reproduction, genetics, ecology, and human biology, covering systems like the circulatory and respiratory systems.


Chemistry topics include the periodic table, chemical reactions, elements, compounds, acids and bases, and the behaviour of materials under different conditions.


Physics concepts are expanded, covering areas like forces and motion, energy transfer, waves, electricity and magnetism, and light and sound.

Environmental Science

Students may explore environmental issues, such as sustainability, climate change, and the impact of human activities on ecosystems.

Practical Skills

Practical and laboratory skills are emphasized, with an increased focus on experimental design, data analysis, and drawing conclusions.

Scientific Literacy

Developing scientific literacy, including the ability to critically evaluate information, understand the nature of scientific knowledge, and appreciate the role of science in society.

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