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The middle school English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum builds upon the foundational skills developed in elementary school while preparing students for high school. Students continue to read texts across a range of genres and analyse them, exploring different elements of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and drama, including theme, characterization, and literary devices. At this stage, there is a stronger emphasis on close reading of the text.

In writing, students refine their skills by producing different text types, including essays, narratives, research papers, and argumentative pieces. They deepen their understanding of the writing process through editing, redrafting, and the use of carefully selected vocabulary, as well as appropriate language conventions throughout their writing.

Students are encouraged to become critical thinkers and engage in a range of speaking and listening projects throughout their course. They are also encouraged to analyse the impact of media on society through exploration of digital and online media. Vocabulary development and media literacy skills are integrated into the curriculum to further enhance students’ language proficiency and critical thinking abilities.

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