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British Curriculum KS1 and KS2 Mathematics Tuition in The UAE,


🇬🇧 British Curriculum KS1 and KS2 Mathematics Tuition in The UAE

The Key Stage 1 and 2 mathematics curriculum aims to develop students’ mathematical fluency, problem-solving abilities, and mathematical reasoning. It provides a structured progression of skills and knowledge that develop and deepen over the course of a child’s education.

Counting and Understanding Numbers

Students learn to count, read and write numbers, and understand place value. They work with numbers up to 100.

Addition and Subtraction

Students are introduced to basic addition and subtraction, focusing on developing mental and written methods.


Basic 2D and 3D shape recognition and properties are covered. Children also learn about direction and position.


Students explore measuring length, weight, volume, and time.


Basic data handling skills are introduced, including the interpretation of simple charts and graphs.

Ratio and Proportion (KS2)

Basic concepts of ratio and proportion are introduced.

Algebra (KS2)

Basic algebraic ideas, like using symbols to represent unknowns, are introduced.

Problem Solving (KS2)

Throughout both key stages, students are encouraged to apply mathematical skills to solve a wide range of problems.

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