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The high school English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum is designed to further develop students’ literacy skills and prepare them for college and career readiness. In addition to continuing to develop reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills, students deepen their understanding of media literacy and digital citizenship.

At high school level, reading skills become more advanced, with students covering genres including literature, informational texts, speeches, and multimedia sources. They critically read and analyse texts in depth, exploring concepts including author’s purpose, theme, and cultural context.

Students learn to craft a variety of different types of writing, including creative writing, argumentative pieces, and research papers. They are expected to adapt their writing according to purpose and audience and support arguments with evidence. At this stage, students refine their ability to use language to convey meaning and tone and use appropriate language conventions within their writing. Additionally, the curriculum emphasises the development of critical thinking and analysis skills, research skills, and the integration of technology to enhance learning experiences.

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