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The elementary math curriculum covers foundational mathematical concepts and skills for students in grades K-5. Throughout the curriculum, emphasis is placed on developing not only computational skills but also conceptual understanding, mathematical reasoning and problem-solving abilities.

In elementary school, students will learn to count, read and write their numbers and develop their number sense. This includes understanding place value, comparing numbers, and recognizing number patterns. They will learn basic operations such as addition and subtraction and progress to more complex operations and algebraic thinking where they will cover multiplication and division facts. Fractions are introduced, including recognising, comparing, and representing fractions.

Students will learn geometry, covering concepts like 2D and 3D shapes and area and perimeter. In measurement and data, students will learn to measure and compare lengths, weights, and capacities using standard and non-standard units and explore time, money, and temperature.

Students will collate and interpret data using graphs and charts and solve word problems. Students will also be expected to link their mathematical knowledge to real world problems and contexts. They will develop their problem solving skills, using different strategies including using models, drawings, or manipulatives to solve problems.

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